Huddle is a system that provides telephone Call Center reporting, and real-time status information. Huddle runs on Linux (and possibly other compatible OSs) and uses MySQL to store data, and PHP to perform some tasks.

This project was developed for a Mitel SX-200, and could be ported to other ACD systems fairly easily.


Data Capture and Store

Daemons running on Linux capture data on their serial ports and store data in MySQL tables. Tables include both historical records and real-time status information.

Real-Time Call Center Monitoring

Uses PHP 4.3+ or 5, and creates compliant XHTML pages.

ACD Agent "Sign"

Application written for Windows using MFC. If the agent is currently in makebusy and calls are waiting, a red unintrusive window notifies them of the situation.

Call Center Wallsign

Feeds data to Spectrum brand wallsigns. Can display a wealth of information, and for signs that support it, can make beeping sounds under certain conditions.


Using PHP 4.3+ or 5, generates reports based on data stored in MySQL, outputs XML. Displays reports in either XHTML or, using XSLFO, many other formats including PDF.

This is a project by Robin Daugherty. If you would like help implementing Huddle, if you have questions, please contact Robin. To download huddle, go to

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